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Find the Best Medical Alert Systems in Santa Barbara, CA

If you or a loved one has chosen to age in place in Santa Barbara, you may be considering a medical alert system. These potentially life-saving devices help people stay safe during medical emergencies by contacting help immediately. We researched the best medical alert systems in Santa Barbara to help you or family member maintain independence for years to come.

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Medical Guardian
Overall satisfaction rating
  • In-home & mobile systems
  • Rates start at $29.95
  • Medical alert watch
  • Available in Santa Barbara

Help when you need it!

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Medical Alert
Overall satisfaction rating
  • In-home & on-the-go
  • Different payment plans
  • Available in Santa Barbara
  • Starting at $18.29/month

In-home systems cost $27.95 to $37.95 per month; mobile systems start at $47.95 per month. Upfront programming fee is $79. Auto fall detection and mobile app available. 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Less than $1 per day
  • 24/7 professional care assistance
  • 1,300 foot equipment range
  • Waterproof pendant & wristband

No upfront equipment cost. In-home systems start at $24.95 per month; on-the-go systems start between $36.95 and $45.95 per month. Optional fall detection and caregiver app. Smart watch devices available.

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Philips Lifeline
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Response associates available 24/7
  • 12-second average answer time
  • Available in Santa Barbara
  • Pay month-to-month, no long-term contract

In-home systems cost $29.95 to $58.95 per month; mobile systems start at $49.95 per month. Upfront fees range from $79 to $99.95. Automatic fall detection and caregiver tools available.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • FDA registered company
  • Plans from $19.95/mo.
  • Available in Santa Barbara
  • No long-term contracts

In-home systems start between $19.95 and $54.95 per month; mobile systems start between $39.95 and $41.95 per month. No equipment costs or activation fees. Optional fall detection, waterproof wall buttons and lockboxes.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Order online
  • Free shipping
  • Starting at $25.95/month
  • Available in Santa Barbara

In-home systems start between $32.95 to $44.95 per month; mobile systems start between $37.95 and $44.95 per month. Upfront costs vary by equipment and package. Optional fall detection and lockboxes.

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Benefits of medical alert systems

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Most Santa Barbara seniors have chosen to age in place in the Mesa or the Mission, which are fairly isolated areas. For seniors that live alone, simple tasks like bathing or navigating the stairs can be dangerous. Living independently is potentially difficult for younger Santa Barbara residents, too, as over 5% of the city’s population has ambulatory difficulty from disabilities.

Medical alert systems, which can be worn as pendants or bracelets, ensure that seniors and people with disabilities who live on their own are never really alone.

How do medical alert systems work?

Medical alert systems include wearable trinkets that send for help in the event of a medical emergency. These devices cannot prevent accidents, but they can bring life-saving help to the scene immediately.

In the event of an emergency, monitored medical alert systems connect the user to an employee dispatcher who handles the situation. Meanwhile, unmonitored systems automatically alert either 911 or a predetermined contact. Some devices require connection to a landline, while others can connect to users’ smartphones on the go.

How much do medical alert systems cost?

Medical alert system prices vary with each device, but unmonitored systems cost between $100 and $200. Monitoring packages range between $20 and $90 per month. Additional charges for add on services, like on-the-go devices that use GPS tracking, cost as much as $50 per month.

Are medical alert systems covered by Medicare?

While Medicare does not cover the cost of a medical alert system, certain providers and coverage plans will. For instance, a Medicare Supplement plan can offer a discounted rate on medical alert systems. If you can prove that a medical alert system is necessary for your health, then a Medicare Advantage Plan may offer the device as part of its benefits as well.

Several medical alert system providers offer discounts to AARP members and veterans, too.

Medical alert system features in Santa Barbara

Medical alert systems help users and their families breathe a little easier thanks to services offering:

  • Auto-fall detection
  • Twelve-second response times
  • Instant alerts to family members
  • GPS tracking
  • Ranges up to 1,300 feet from the system’s base
  • Lockboxes that allow emergency personnel to enter the scene
  • Battery life up to five years
  • Hearing aid and foreign language compatibility

Medical alert installation and maintenance

While some medical alert companies charge set-up fees to install the system, many medical alert providers offer free shipping and activation. Companies also have 30-day free trials where you can try the equipment for free, then decide for yourself if it’s the right fit.

If you or your loved are among the 70,000 seniors that call Santa Barbara home, consider the following devices to simplify independent living.

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Medical Guardian

Licensed and insured in all 50 states, Medical Guardian ships free to Santa Barbara and provides free product activation. Medical Guardian offers a variety of features, like waterproof medical alert bracelets, a 1,300-foot range and fall detection. California reviewers praise Medical Guardian for its speedy response time.

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Medical Alert

Medical Alert’s systems are compatible with both landlines and mobile devices. It also offers GPS tracking technology that allows you or your loved one to bring the medical alert device with them on errands or short trips outside of the home. All systems come with automatic fall detection that uses cutting-edge technology to sense if a fall has occurred, even if they have not pressed the button.

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LifeFone offers five alert packages for users and their families. Add-on services include medication reminders, GPS tracking and at-home and on-the-go pendant systems. Customers can even use LifeFone’s voice technology to call for help without moving. Consumers report attentive care from LifeFone’s staff.

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Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline offers medical alert systems with HomeSafe and GoSafe options, so customers can get help, whether they spend more time at home or out. Consumers appreciate the company’s satisfaction guarantee and report feeling safer thanks to its devices.

Philips Lifeline


LifeStation boasts the fastest response times among its competitors. Not only does LifeStation work directly with local Santa Barbara emergency personnel, but it also manages its call centers in the United States with no outsourcing. Customers praise LifeStation’s flexibility and advanced fall detection technology.

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